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New DrilTec® Product Range: Wear Resistant Technology for Advanced Drilling

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The DrilTec® STC Coating system has been carefully designed to cover the needs for coatings on all components of the Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) drilling tools. The high performance features of these coating systems will match customers' expectations and assist to improve today's drilling technology. Through use of carefully selected material and alloys, the wear performance has been maximized by combining an understanding of the wear and the choice of the right microstructure, combined with WC.

OTW12: a breakthrough alloy for drill pipe hardbanding

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OTW-12 has been formulated to confer optimum hardbanding wear resistance in open hole drilling situations whilst retaining “casing friendly” properties. Some of its specific performance enhancing properties are:

  • Smooth weld deposit profile
  • Totally immune to cracking
  • Elimination of spalling risks
  • Improved fatigue strength
  • Multipass capabilities up to 15 mm
  • Easy rewelding over worn hardbanding
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