Drilling equipment and its application

A standard drilling rig consists of the complex alliance of a drill floor, lifting hoists, a “Derrick” drill tower and supporting equipment and pumps. Standard drilling operations are carrier out using rotary drilling. A “Derrick” lifting tower is used to support the drill pipe and other equipment, which has to be raised or lowered during the drilling operation. For rotation, either a “top drive” or traditional rotary table applies rotary force to the drill stem and the bit.The mud pump circulates the drilling fluid. From the pumps, the fluid goes to the swivel, and from the swivel down through the drill pipe to the bit, for lubrication and recirculating/cleaning of the drilled hole. The Bottom Hole Assembly (BHA) is the actual “intelligent” bottom part on the drill stem; the BHA assists the drilling process, to determine the shape and direction of the drilled hole.

A typical BHA consists of: drill-bits, hole openers or reamers, hydraulic jars, stabilizers and drill collars. The BHA may also include sophisticated tools such as rotary steerable systems, LWD/MWD logging tools etc. - all for better control and steering of the drilling process.The DrilTec STC® Coating System, has been specifically formulated to service the coating and wear protection requirements on all the Bottom Hole Assembly components in the drill string. The high wear performance of these particular alloys and coatings are the most adapted to today’s harsh and demanding drilling environments. The enhancement of our coatings’ wear performance, by the appropriate choice of carbide-containing microstructures, is a priority for our R&D centre. Castolin Eutectic also offers a complete range of solutions for wear protection of non-magnetic alloys, used in MWD/LWD.