In-house Production

Fearnley Proctor NS1 Approved Open Hole Casing Wear

Castolin Eutectic prefers the term “Wearfacing Coating” to “Hardfacing” as this better describes the importance of selecting the correct “coating structure”, in both function and ability to resist specific wear mechanisms, rather than just hardness alone. Understanding this crucial difference is absolutely critical to our success in the Hardbanding business and suggests that “3 coating properties” are required: High wear resistance of tool hardbanding coatings in cased and open hole environments, Low casing wear with tool hardbanding coating, Low friction levels with hardbanding coating.Our efforts have been recognized by Fearnley Procter’s NS1 testing with the approval of OTW 12Ti, OTW 16XS and OTW 13CF.


In-House Cored Wire Production with State-of-the-Art Machines

The OTW ranges of high performance cored wires are all formulated, developed and manufactured in Castolin Eutectic’s own modern plant in Ireland, using specially designed production equipment. The plant has 6 wire lines and continues to invest in the latest production machines, utilizing laser controls for dimensional & fill measurements. The wire lines are installed in a purpose-built, green field plant which opened in 2007 and employs around 100 people in manufacturing and quality control.


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Quality and Consistency

All quality measurement data is stored in a new computer-based quality assurance system, which retains all manufacturing, wire property, chemistry and batch information. This system actually exceeds the ISO 9001 and EN 29001 Quality Assurance Standards, which have continuously been met and exceeded by our plant for over 15 years. Batches are weld-tested and their samples are stored for 5 years. Each OTW batch is also weld-tested for consistent quality control & operational integrity before final packaging. From production date until day of delivery, our products are ensured to the highest standard of package protection during shipping. All OTW wires are coiled & wound on rust-free plastic baskets, protecting against any corrosion or damage. Moreover, spools are protected by a layer of rust-inhibiting foil, prior to being vacuum-sealed for final packaging within heavy-weight, ergonomically designed and reinforced cardboard packaging.