In-house Testing

The Highest Level Of Development And Testing

Our manufacturing plant in Dublin has an automated Micro Hardness Machine, a G65 Abrasion Wear-Test Machine and ICP / XRF Chemical Analysis Units, employing a well trained, customer-oriented technical team. Our global crew of highly qualified engineers tests OTW products on active field components, under the most extreme drilling conditions. These harsh environments provide the necessary criteria for understanding severe wear phenomena and set the standard by which we measure our product integrity.


Wear test methods, ASTM G65 abrasion test

The ASTM G65 procedure simulates a three-body wear system designed to generate reproducible test data, in order to rank materials by their resistance-to-low stress abrasion. The testing equipment uses a rotating rubber wheel and dry sand to establish the abrasion resistance of different materials, through measuring the degree of wear caused by hard quartz sand particles, forced to move against and across the hardbanding “wearfacing coatings”.

Testing to simulate real life coating stresses

A special compression test is used to determine the integrity and compatibility of hardbanding and its relationship to the base material. In testing hardbanding bond-strength, a specific ring is made to precision and coated, followed by a destructive testing metallurgical exam, ensuring full bonding to base material. This is also carried out as a compatibility test between layers of worn and re-applied hardbanding.


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