Arc Spray services

Thermal spraying process with highest spray rates and lowest running costs

Arc is an Arc Spray Process using a pair of wires which are melted by an electric arc. The arc has a temperature of 5,000 - 6,000°C that melts the wires continuously. Compressed gas - most often air - is used to atomise the molten wire tips and to propel the droplets towards the substrate at velocities exceeding 100 meters per second. This molten material is atomised by compressed gas and propelled towards the workpiece to form a coating. This combination of high temperature and high particle velocities gives arc sprayed coatings very good coating properties with high bond strengths and low porosity. Arc spraying is a cold thermal spraying process where the temperature of the substrate is held below 150°C. Because of the low temperature, the work piece is not exposed to any metallurgical changes or distortion.