HVOF coating services

For applications like mud motor rotors, ball and gate valves, mandrels

HVOF is a high pressure, high velocity thermal spray process, using liquid fuel (kerosene) and oxygen which are fed into a combustion chamber, where they are ignited and continuously combusted. The resultant hot gas at a pressure close to 1 MPa, emanates through a con - verging – diverging nozzle and trav - els through a straight section. The jet velocity at the exit of the barrel (>1000 m/s) exceeds the speed of sound. A powder feed stock is injected into the gas stream, which accelerates the powder up to 800 m/s. The stream of hot gas and powder is directed towards the surface to be coated. The powder partially melts in the stream, and deposits upon the substrate. The resulting coating consists of thin overlapping plate - lets, has low porosity and high bond strength