A Nb-based alloy for intermediate to advanced hardbanding applications

Ideal for repair applications as well as for batch manufacturing where highest integrity welding, efficiency and productivity are required. The weld deposit is designed to give a crack-free, smooth surface with low friction properties. This gives good resistance to high stress abrasion and erosion at ambient temperatures even when combined with heavy impact or pressure, which are characteristic to open hole and cased hole environments.

The slag-free deposit precipitates a dense dispersion of hard, primary niobium and complex CrMo carbide phases finely distributed in a martensitic/residual austenitic matrix.

This alloy may be cost-effectively reapplied over itself to refurbish worn drill pipes after drilling operations. It is only necessary to ensure that the base material and old OTW-13 coating are free of any physical defects and that safe dimensional tolerances are retained.