OilTec Products

The OTW range of high performance cored wires are all formulated, developed and manufactured in Castolin Eutectic’s own modern plant in Ireland, using specially designed production equipment. The plant has 6 wire lines and continues to invest in the latest production machines, utilizing laser controls for dimensional & fill measurements.
The DrilTec STC® Coating System, has been specifically formulated to service the coating and wear protection requirements on all the Bottom Hole Assembly components in the drill string. The high wear performance of these particular alloys and coatings are the most adapted to today’s harsh and demanding drilling environments.

Plasma Transferred Arc (PTA) Alloys
Flame-sprayed powder coating
Coatings based on bonding sintered Tungsten Carbide Inserts
Gas-shielded Metal Arc Welding
Composite Flexible Rope or Rod
Composite Alloy Rod
Self-shielded, Flux-cored, Tool Joint Build-Up Wire
Gas-shielded Tool Joint Build Up Wire
Castolin Eutectic OTW-16 Hardbanding
Ideal in advanced drilling operations like ERD & TTRD
Castolin Eutectic OTW-13 Hardbanding Alloy
A Nb-based alloy for intermediate to advanced hardbanding applications
OTW-12 Hardbanding alloy Castolin Eutectic
For unmatched hardbanding performance
For semi - automatic and robotic welding
Hard but tough all-rounder. Best in class when combined open and case hole wear performance counts.
The new standard for Sour Gas, casing friendly wire, that's easy to weld.
Outstanding Casing wear resistance against current industry standard solutions with good tool performance.